We feel you, You’ve spent a ton of time Planning your event or festival. Hundreds and thousands of hours. Now let us capture the essence of your event professionally and make sure your event videos are engaging, creative, and fun to show off all that hard work.

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Whether you are looking for strategically planned marketing videos, promotional videos, and content to drip over a social media campaign we can help! We have filmed the Carolina country music festival and other large music festivals and events for a combined 15 years and we are confident we can help grow and make your event Even larger next year! We offer strategic consultation and years of industry experience to help bring in brands, sponsors, and donors and can craft specific videos for them as well as your event! The types of videos we can offer Your sponsors include brand videos, brand integrations, promo videos, brand activations, and product videos to name just a few. The types of videos we can offer your event include event promo videos, daily recaps, week recaps, and guest videos, just to name a few. Whether your event is 50,000 people, down to a few hundred or thousand, MadLad films offers a wide variety of packages to fit every need.

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