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madlad films holding a sony fx3 camera at a video shoot


You don't need a video… you need a story to tell. You don’t need camera guys, you need a film team with years of experience, knowledge, and advanced skill sets in film, business, and marketing. Whether you are looking for a video production company in Charleston, SC to produce a series, a set of ads, or effective marketing videos for social media, you need us. The team at MadLad Films are experienced videographers & video production experts that takes the guesswork out of the video process to make effective video strategies and get results.

Videography in Charleston SC
Video production company in Charleston SC

To create a storyline that plays with the emotions, strategically targeted to produce results, you need a special team that is tactical in their approach to create, produce, direct and capture those special moments that transform a video into a visual and audible experience people remember and want to share. You need a superior team that catapults your project to success and brands you in the right light. You need experienced videographers and experienced video production experts. You need MadLad Films.


MadLad Films offers just that type of trained, repeatable execution, every time. Just like the SEALS, we have a process that we take with every project, big or small. We have special talents that have given us a keen eye and skill sets that separate us from just anyone that points a camera.

But it’s not about just catching those moments that most overlook, we have a keen sense of awareness, collaborative camaraderie, and a brand-conscious mindset to take everyone and every project to the next level. Only experienced videographers and video production professionals can give you results consistently. Let MadLad Films take the guesswork out of your project.

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Graham Ladd

Director, Producer, & Storyteller

Ethan Kaiser

Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor