Carolina Boat Brokerage

It all starts with a great story. How to you tell a great story? Simple… follow PASSION. Clay Livingston, the owner of Carolina Boat Brokerage, is clearly passionate when it comes to selling your boat. Upon fliming this promo video, building his website and speaking with numerous happy clients, we’ve discovered that Clay can actually “Sell Your Boat Fast,” while saving you time, money, and headache. Learn more about Clay on their website at

About This Shoot:
We filmed portions of this video over multiple days and locations.


  • South Litchfield, Litchfield SC
  • Reserve Marina, Pawleys Island, SC
  • Heritage Marina, Pawleys Island, SC
  • Winyah Bay, Georgetown SC
  • Front Street, Georgetown SC
  • Sampit River, Georgetown, SC

Quick Overview:
Combining multiple heart-felt interviews over multiple locations is always a little bit tougher when it comes to logistics and planning, but, WOW, what a difference it makes in the final video! Combining true customer testimonials plus business owner interviews is a great way to tell your story, while reinforcing what the owner is saying with social proof from real life clients.

We really enjoyed filming this business promotional video with Clay and we really got to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us here in Pawleys Island South Carolina. Mad Ladder Studios is privelaged to call this place home and we love capturing our area on film! One of our coolest aspects of this shoot was definitely filming from a second boat for many of the Winyah Bay shots. We were following the beautiful Sportsman boat in a Sea Ark Aluminum boat, which presented some challenges and exhilarting shots.

Equipment Used on this Shoot:

  • Sony FS700
  • Sony FS7
  • DJI Inspire
  • Sony A7s2

Directed & Produced by: Graham Ladd
Filmed & Edited by: Ethan Kaiser

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