Best 30 Minute Kickboxing Workout

MadLad Films is proud to showcase this state-run 30s Advertisement created for the 9 Rounds Fitness franchise.

This project consisted of Utilizing our:

  • Creative Concepting Package
  • Pre-Production Planning Services
  • Production Day Filming, Crew & Equipment
  • In-House Start to Finish Editing Services

Hi, we’re Graham Ladd and Ethan Kaiser, owners of MadLad Films, and we have over 15 years of film experience and have gone on to craft a unique story-telling style of video and have combined it with the more traditional business promotional videos. Our team, the #MadLadFilms, have truly created a fascinating, fun-to-watch video style that combines beautiful cinematography, the human element, and any size business into a visual experience for your target demographic. As the founders and owners of MadLad Films, we, Graham Ladd and Ethan Kaiser, pride ourselves on telling great stories, making our films effective in a marketing sense, and affordable from cinematic and production level stand point. If you would like your business’ story told, contact MadLad Films today!